Ko's 360 Day Total Body & Mind Transformation Journey

How Ko's "4-Step Flow State Formula" Can Get You Lean, Strong & Confident For Life...No Matter Your Age or Genetics!

Designed & Optimized for Women & Men Over 35, for the way OUR Bodies, Minds and Hormones Work. Here's How (and Why!) It Works…

Hi my Wellness Warrior (in the making),

You've come this far and I'm proud of you. I want you to get even more. I want you to achieve your hearts desire and get to that finish line.  But know this, there are forces working against you, and now is the time they will attack.  You won't even know they're coming--sometimes they're merely whispers.  And some of the forces working against you...is YOU.

Here's what I mean...

   In order to where you truly wanna go, you must avoid these 3 "Stumbling Blocks."  It trips up even the most disciplined person. 

don't want you to make this mistake...

video talking about the typical person's journey in attempts to get healthy.  they watch a few videos, try a couple moves and workouts, drink a lot of water, cut .  most will self sabotage.  why? because they don't believe they can. they don't want the prize. they don't believe they're worth it. they don't deserve it. winning would mean they're an imposter. winning would mean they're good when they're not. they're bad and must suffer. suffering makes them feel better because at least they're paying for the consequences of their "badness".  so once you start gettitng a little bit of results, a little bit of reward, you cut it off at the knees. You belive the lies (whispered from the enemy) and fall back into your old ways.

If you're seeing this, it means you're doing a great job. It means you are trying. It means you're stretching yourself and proving you want more for yourself and life.  So, I have an offer for you.

I want to be your guide, build a strong relationship, and give you the roadmap to make it happen.

I want to make it easier for you to achieve your goals and dreams by giving you the tools, understanding and help necessary.

I want to ensure it happens for you

I'll be there to hold you accountable when you don't feel like it.  Me, and my team, will be there to listen and hold your hand through the tough times, and we'll be there to celebrate all your wins great or small :).  (We'll also be there to kick you in the butt when you need that, too :)

That's what you get when you become part of my Inner Circle.

Who is this for?

Now, this is not for everyone. Here's who it's NOT for:

  1. It's not for you if you are so stubborn that you're unwilling to try new things. If you think you "know-it-all" just because you've done some google searches (and chatgpt prompts), then this is not for you.  You'll never get higher level results doing what you've been doing. Even if what you've been doing got you some results, the thing that got you here is not what will take you to the next level.  Yeah, you gotta ditch the "I know it all" mentality.
  2. If what you're doing is working and you're getting the results you want, then this is probably not for you.  This is more for people who are struggling. For those who want more but can't seem to get into a groove. Or maybe the results are coming too slow.
  3. If you don't care about others, then this is not for you. We're about community, support, hard work, and turning trauma into triumph. And that requires community.

This is WHO it's for (read carefully):

  1. This is for the person who wants things more simple. To follow the dots and go straight to the prize.  To get from point "A" to point "B" without hassle. No sifting through piles and piles of info, research and videos, on their own, trying to figure it out, making mistakes, frustrated, wasting time. Nothing's worse than wasting time. Wasting money is okay because money always comes and goes. But time,... no.  Once you spend time, you never get it back. Yeah, this is for you if you understand this and want things more SIMPLE.
  2. This is for someone who wants to be part of a community.  Who appreciates the support of their peers just as much as the instructors.  Someone who's looking for friends for life. 
  3. This is for the person who wants health, physique and purpose to be a lifelong journey and not just a temporary passing fancy.

If that's you, here's what's included in this journey:

What You Get Today*

Firstly, you get the results you want, first and foremost.

But, some of the technical items include...

1. An "All Access Pass" to ko and his weekly teachings.  This is the closest you can get to working privately with me in my own home.   (without the hefty price tag).

Lifetime Access to all my online programs, tools, resources and digital assets. All neatly organized in a private "Members Only" section.

This is not for those who are too stubborn to take instruction

Now, if you have someone else who you believe would be a better guide, then go with them certainly.  I'm not pressuring you to do this.  I just want you to succeed with or without me.

 to make sure it happens and

. I want to be your friend. I want you to join my inner circle of Wellness Warriors.

I want you to know the facts,... this offer is not presented to the public.  The "ko360" is a 360 day journey we do together, online virtually, and personally through group zoom sessions.


When Does It Start?



How Much Is The Investment?



Can I Start But Put It On Hold?



When Does It Start?


Secure This Amazing Offer Now Before It's Gone

The ko360 Program is the best way for women & men over 35 to achieve optimal health, energy and toned, lean physique for life.  You GET James Ko, his team, and all their resources for 360 days (and pay less than the cost of ONE dinner out each month).  You'll realize a tighter waist, less pain, and lighter, freer body. You don't get some ordinary personal trainer but James Ko, a recognized expert in the field. Someone who teaches the professionals.  Ko and his team will help you eat and exercise right for your body type, and turn it into a lifestyle. You'll communicate with Ko and his team via text, email, phone and zoom. They will help design your eating and exercise schedule, and make sure it's the right one for you.  They will help you get the results you've always wanted.  They will be available to you for questions 24/7.  They will help you with any questions you may encounter throughout your journey.  ko360 is a limited-time offer that helps women and men over 35 balance hormones, boost metabolism and achieve results. It's designed and optimized for the unique way the body works over the age of 35. It maximizes fat burning and minimizes muscle loss. ko360 is a proprietary system created by James Ko, PT (a physical therapist), CMC (Certified Metabolic Coach), and Over 50 Dad. This includes Lifetime Membership to The Wellness Warriors Group and all digital assets!  You get to keep the entire program (videos, checklists, recipes, grocery lists,... ) for life and continue using it to build greater health for yourself into the future.

The Best Years of Your Life Are Yet Ahead of You

Let's make it happen together :)

!! Warning !!

Due to the popularity of this program and high demand, the price you see right now, along with any bonuses being offered, are subject to change (or be removed) at any time. We take our clients and our job seriously. We don't take on too many clients at once. We don't sacrifice quality. We increase prices as demand increases. We rarely lower our rates in order to keep the quality high. We guarantee results because of the quality of our work.  So, please be aware that the prices you see now are not guaranteed until successful payment is processed, and that our prices can change any time. Thank you.